Flashbacks and Homecomings

Flashbacks and Homecomings

Homecoming was my favorite day of the year in high school and college. You could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone celebrated before and after the games, regardless of outcomes. Broad Street Run is the homecoming for the runners of Philadelphia (but maybe I'm the only person who gets excited enough to paint their nails for the occasion.)

The whole city comes out for the race and lines the 10 miles of Broad Street to cheer on racers. It HAS to be one of the highest spectator to runner ratio races around.

Flashback to Broad Street Run last year:

My grandma looked at that picture last year and said, “Wow, you really look happy there.” It’s true - races are my element and being with my students before the race made me SO happy. This was my first race with Students Run Philly Style. I didn’t run with my students, but I went on the bus with them, had a pep talk with the students beforehand, and watched them cross the finish line.

(And one more with my sister...we ran most of the race together last year. This year she'll be on her own - meaning all of her other friends - since I'm running with my students.)

We had our first Students Run race two weekends ago. The students did really well, which makes me even more excited for this Sunday.

(They are the absolute best! I credit them for making me love running again.)

I also had a visitor that weekend - Steffan!

Philly is in full bloom, which is awesome…
(...in my neighborhood...)

(...in front of the Liberty Bell...)

(...at Citizens Bank Park...)

...except for the allergies part. Steffan and I stopped by Sip-n-Glo for a smoothie with added bee pollen to help allergies. I’m not sure if the bee pollen worked, but the smoothie was delicious!

That Sunday was my second BBG Philly Meetup. A few friends joined this time so we all were struggling together.

Emily (in the blue) actually follows the BBG plan so she was killing it!

The next BBG Philly Meetup will be May 22 so stay tuned for more details here!

On Monday, I knew I’d be a little down after taking Steffan to the airport so I signed up for City Fit Girl’s boot camp class that night. My legs were burning from BBG the day before, but it was a blast and instantly turned my mood around. I’m so glad I went and met another group of motivated women in Philly.

(I'll admit it - I have an addiction to fun meetup groups.)

Last week I had another visitor...this one was a surprise, though.

(Grandma! She loved our deck just as much as Mel and I do - and Liz since she makes herself at home there on a regular basis. ;)

This weekend included 8 rainy miles with our students on Saturday, extensive meal prep, and...kickball!

(8 miles in the pouring rain guarantees that these kids are ready for Broad Street and THAT is why I'm so excited!)

(Pinto beans on the left, chickpeas on the right.)

(I call this art.)


(And we won!!!)

Onto another homecoming (sort of)...I was at my parents’ house to vote on Tuesday (I’m still registered to vote there), which gave me a chance to meet the newest members of Crooked Row Farm…the bees!

(The picture is blurry because I refuse to get closer to them than 20 feet away. I haven't been stung by a bee in a longgggg time and don't plan on being stung anytime soon.) 

Here’s my best bee humor in response to my mom's text yesterday:

(Get it? ;) 

Liz also gave me a tour of the herbs and vegetables that she’s growing this year, both for the CSAs and for the new market that will be posted up in Slatington Memorial Day through Labor Day! Read more about it on Facebook. It's called "Blue Mountain Farm Market" and will be held at the D&L Trailhead in Slatington (across from Boyer's Hardware). The market will be open on Fridays and Saturdays starting May 27. More details to come!

(Unfortunately, I can't remember what this is - leave a note in the comments if you know!)

THIS I do know! This is fennel and although I haven't liked fennel in the past, this was pretty darn tasty. 

(Liz kept handing me random things to eat straight from the ground and since I'm a nice sister, I obliged. Her veggies are all pretty delicious, though.)

I hadn’t seen my parents' dogs in a while so they were being extra cute for me:

(Arya only wants her belly rubbed when Chase is watching. But she knows how to pose for the camera!)

Flashback alert - here’s a picture of Chase one year ago:

And Chase now: 

(100 pounds of Rottweiler and still growing.) 

My parents take them for a 1+ mile walk around the farm almost every single day. They are the MOST spoiled dogs.
(The fam)

And that's all!

Follow @runlifeco on Snapchat to see live updates at the Broad Street Run this weekend! I’ll be at the Students Run expo table on Saturday so stop by and say hi. :) And whether you're watching or running the race, be sure to cheer for all the students in their blue Students Run shirts.

Good luck to all the runners out there. See you at the finish line!

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