Progress is being made and love for PA :)

Great news, everyone!  The home office/yoga studio/guest bedroom is all set up!

We still need some wall decorations, but now I have a place to work.  Special thanks to my sister's old roommate, Kat, for donating her desk and some other cool furniture.

I’m a big fan of free furniture right now (along with free everything else - food, transportation, drinks).  So far, we’ve only bought one major piece of furniture for our house - everything else has been free!  I’ve always done work on my bed rather than at a desk, so I’m hoping the office makes me 100 times more productive.  A desk and some pretty accessories are all it takes, right?!

The best feature of the office:

This was a gift from my mom and sister.  It makes me smile every time I look at it. I love the saying, “Do more of what makes you happy”, and having this inspiration on my wall makes me super happy.

The post Broad Street Run week has been pretty exhausting.  When I’m not working, I’m mentoring, and when I’m not mentoring, I’ve either been moving stuff or decorating the new house.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t sat down in the past week except to sleep or drive to work.  But running around like a crazy person was all worth it when one of our students brought us flowers today!  :)

A continuous theme in my life since I moved back east has been falling in love with Philly.  It's a whole different experience in the city as an adult than as a student.  Philadelphia is so artistic and has such a strong sense of community.  Mel and I adore our neighborhood and have already decided that we're going to stay in our house until we both get married.  Although I may change my mind if I can ever afford this house down the street...

We're also close to my most favorite bridge in the world (the Ben Franklin):
Pennsylvania in general is way cooler now than I ever thought it was growing up.  I’m getting the best of both worlds between visiting my parents’ house and living in Philly right now.  You can't beat beautiful skies and the promise of fresh produce.
Fruit trees blossoming on the farm:


 Hope you have a happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!!  :) 

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