Our mother, the superhero...

Jessica Wagner

Happy Mother’s Day!

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to rave about our wonderful mother, so this post is dedicated to her.

Our mother is special because she was a mom to all of our friends growing up (and still is even now).  As some of you may remember, she worked in our elementary school while Liz and I were there, so she saw many of our friends every single day.  She was a Brownie troop leader, a Running of the Dawgs organizer, and a permanent swim team volunteer.  She bent over backwards to take Liz and I to all our activities and was always willing to chauffeur our friends around, too.  She stocked our cabinets and freezers with snacks and even meals to feed all the teenagers who hung out at our house 24/7 during the summer.  She threw the best parties growing up (and still organizes family gatherings a few times a year to make sure we all stay in touch).  It’s likely that she bought some of you special presents for holidays or just because she saw something that made her think of you.  When I told her I had a vegan friend freshman year of college, she started sending bags of vegan food from our local health food store to school for him.  She always loved spoiling our friends. ;)

Animals always recognize her mother nature.

She’s strict when she needs to be, but has more compassion than anyone I know.  I love coming home so we can catch up and chat about everything that happened, even if I was only gone for a few days.  We love watching Live with Kelly & Michael together and going over celebrity gossip.  We went wine tasting four or five times since I’ve been home and like all the same wines.  We have such similar mannerisms and personalities that we’re more like sisters than mother and daughter sometimes.  We even dyed our hair the same color for a while…


She recently became a new mother to two little puppies, Chase and Arya.

Liz and I have actually been replaced:

Things you may not know about her:  she has a degree in accounting and did bookkeeping for one of my dad’s relatives, which is where they met.  She’s usually reading three books at a time and has a book collection that would make any author proud.  She is an AMAZING cook without even trying.  Everyone loves their own mother’s cooking, but she makes healthy, delicious dishes that are restaurant worthy.  She prepared homemade dinners from scratch every single night growing up and still cooks every night.  It’s crazy that she can fit cooking, let alone healthy meals, into her schedule along with everything else.  She’s always worked out to stay healthy as long as I can remember and has developed a love for yoga over the past few years.  She can also water ski like no other mother!  And my favorite part…she was the person who first introduced me to running when I was a little girl.  When I was six or seven, we would race back and forth across our driveway over and over with our dog chasing us.  She doesn’t remember this, but I can picture it perfectly and remember it being so much fun!  Then after I won the female 5k at Running of the Dawgs in elementary school, my mom suggested I start cross country in seventh grade.  They didn’t have a middle school team at the time, but she contacted the coach to see if they needed a statistician.  Mr. Oertner let me start training with the team and the rest is history! :)  It’s obvious who taught me to get my foot in the door early. ;)

One of our many wine tasting adventures.


My mom inspires me in so many ways and is a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman who has been the perfect role model for us as daughters.  Most of you know how genuinely kind she is and always has been, so I don’t need to tell you this.  So many people have experienced her generosity over the years, but she deserves praise after putting up with us over the years.  If I’m even half as patient, dedicated and involved as she has been as a mother, I know I’ll be a great mom. 

I love you, Mom, and hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

To all the moms out there - thank you for all that you do!  Enjoy the day - you deserve it!!


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