The urban herb garden is alive and well in South Philly!

I was sad when I had to leave all my plants in California, but having a sister who operates an organic farm ( has its perks…as in, FREE PLANTS!  The previous renters in Philly left awesome planters that hang over our deck so we decided to make an herb garden.  Not sure what are all the plants, but here’s what they look like:




Mel also has some seeds that we’re going to sprout, so no worries, we’ll have more plants soon!  Yes, we are now crazy plant ladies since we can’t afford any pets.

On Sunday, my dad woke me up at 6:30 for a long bike ride.  Everyone in our family is a morning person (I’m considered the lazy one because I sometimes sleep past 7:00 AM).  My dad and I used to do a bike ride every Sunday morning when I’d come home during college, so it was fun to start up this tradition again.  Plus, the fresh air and country views were much needed (don’t let my pictures fool you - I passed my dad on a couple of the hills).


But my new ride really stole the cake this weekend. ;)


Just kiddingggg, it’s my grandma’s old scooter that stalls whenever you let off the gas, but hoping it gets fixed so I can take it to Philly one day.  This would’ve been perfect for driving down the coast in California, though!

Mother’s Day was such a fun family day.  I’m still not sure whether Liz and I look more like our mom or like our dad.  Thoughts on this?

(Three generations of Syrian)


(Pardon the squinting - runs in our family)


Our puppy isn’t so little anymore.  He’s already 35 pounds and I can barely hold him!


He loves when we rub his big belly, though, and gives you the evil eye when you stop. 


Creamy, my cat since elementary school, had his 13th birthday the other day!  When my parents moved, we were worried about transitioning him and his mom, but he loves sleeping in the greenhouse and hanging out with the plants.  His mom tries to avoid the dogs, but they have plenty of space on the farm to have their own territories.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful sketch that my cousin drew for our Mother’s Day present.  Our cousin is so talented!  And our mom loved the picture.

(Arya & Chase first meet) 

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

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