Big news, recipes, and reunions


I’m beyond excited about this if you can’t tell.  It’s been a long trek - I can’t wait to have a finished product in my hand and more importantly - in your hands!!  More to come on that VERY soon...

This week I’ve been making tons of vegetable dishes thanks to Crooked Row Farm.  I’m sharing some of the meals I’ve made over the past few weeks, which were (almost) completely made out of the vegetables and eggs from my sister’s CSA.

(Play on broccoli rabe pizza using homemade bread from Willow Haven Farm - sautéed the broccoli rabe, green garlic, and French breakfast radishes with olive oil, Herbs de Lizcious and salt, put on bread with the egg, topped with a bit of Parmesan cheese, then baked at 350 degrees for 10 minutes along with cauliflower tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper.)
(Veggie quiche made with chopped up broccoli rabe, green garlic, French breakfast radishes, komatsuna, cauliflower, and frozen mushrooms from Trader Joe’s - I used this simple crust recipe then added all the ingredients along with five eggs, Herbs de Lizcious, not even a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese, a tiny bit of salt, 1/4 cup flour and baked at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.  It was dense for quiche so I’d recommend adding more flour for a lighter option. P.S. Thanks to my grandma for the hostess helper set - so domestic.)
(Sautéed veggies with two fried eggs - veggies include: chopped up pea shoots, komatsuna, green garlic, red kale, cauliflower, sorrel, and lovage .  I sautéed the veggies in olive oil, salt, and of course, Herbs de Lizcious then cracked the eggs on top and tossed around, similar to making Asian fried rice.)
I was nervous about adding all these different flavors together, but so far every combination has been delicious.  I’m a big fan of the sorrel with its lemon-y taste.  It’s great to use instead of adding actual lemon juice to dishes.
(Aren't these garlic scapes beautiful??)
(Ran out of veggies so used some strawberries in my salad this week - best decision I ever made!)
Made this pre-workout snack of almond butter, apples and honey on Willow Haven Farm's homemade bread.  It was ahhhh-mazing!


Spent some time at the farm this week to get some sun.

(Strawberries and a four-leaf clover picked from our field!  My mom found three four-leaf clovers that day - normal for her.)
(Chase casually using a stick as a pillow...and puppy dog eyes much?!)


(The pups are trained to ride in the Bobcat and love it.) 
(This is a cute little apple from my grandma’s apple tree in her yard.  She has five different types of apples that grow on one tree - so weird to me.)

Found my rollerblades in her yard sale pile and immediately put them in my car.  Watch out Kelly Drive!

(The brand name is “California Advanced Sports” - love when my life comes full circle.)

Yesterday at our Students Run practice, we took a break for some frog spotting at a nearby pond.  The lily pads were blooming, which was so cool.  I’ve never seen lily pad flowers until now!

After practice, hung out at Liz’s market and went for a quick jog down Kelly Drive. 

(Teas, veggies, spices)

Later in the day, Mel and I got some awesome decorations/furniture for our apartment.

(Our road snacks - frozen grapes and frozen pineapple)
(I just love this.  We didn’t buy it, but I’m going to save up for it :)

You should be excited about this - we're going to have such a cool spot once everything’s put together.  Mel decided that she’s going to do a fireplace makeover with big reveal, so you can also get excited about that!

Here’s the “before” picture: 

(Yes, we’re weirdos with our TV in our fireplace…no, the fireplace doesn’t function.)

The highlight of my weekend (and week/month/year) was seeing so many old friends on Friday night.  My college roommates were all in town, so we had a little reunion.  It’s so nice to be all together again!

(1615 forevaaa)

(The struggle of three short girls trying to hang and lock my heavy bike on top of this bike rack...we were in tears from laughing by the time a nice bystander hung it up and Jen - several inches taller than us - showed up and locked it.)
(My besties since 2011)

My night ended by seeing my friend that I haven’t seen in FIVE years!  This is a crazy story.  Julie was my roommate at a leadership seminar in 10th grade of high school called HOBY (it was actually held at Temple then and is a big part of why I went there for school).  Then Mel, my best friend from high school, goes to University of Pittsburgh and meets Julie where they become best friends.  Now Mel’s my roommate and Julie came to visit.  This small world stuff blows my mind!  But we had a great time and the Independence Beer Garden is super cool.

(Mel, Julie & I) 

I biked all over the city that night, but was totally worth it to see these lovely ladies.  Being back in Philly feels like home with my old roommates, Mel and my sister all in the city at once.  It reassures me of my decision to move back to the east coast.

BUTTTT I have officially booked my trip to California and will be going back in July!!  Watch out west coast friends…I’ll be crashing on your couches soon!! ;)


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