Northeast exploration and the first shirt!

Jessica Wagner

UPDATE:  The first shirt has been printed!!

Nothing beats breakfast outside and tea with whole, fresh tulsi basil. 
The fact that the basil is from Farmer Liz just makes it extra special.  I had a cup a few nights ago in bed and it made my whole room smell flowery and delicious.
This week, I made cucumber vinegar salad.  Mel has made this a few times before, and honestly, hers is better than mine, but it was still easy and tasty!  You thinly slice four cucumbers and add salt.  In a separate bowl mix 1/2 cup vinegar, one tablespoon of dill weed, some ground pepper, and three tablespoons white sugar.  Combine the cucumber slices with the vinegar mix and refrigerate for at least one hour.  The longer the cucumbers marinate, the better they taste!  If anything, I’d use less sugar next time - it was a little too sweet for me.  Mel also cuts off the skin of the cucumbers, but I prefer leaving it on (also because I was being lazy).  If you like the taste of sour vinegar, you’ll definitely love this recipe.  I’ll eat it by itself or add it to my regular salad for extra flavor.
(I love simple meals!)
I spent Sunday through Tuesday exploring Rhode Island this week.  Steffan was there for work and I’m always down to see new places so I decided to join.  First stop was to check out Brown University.

(Steffan Brown at Brown)
The campus was full of old, colonial style buildings.  It was pretty quiet while we were there, but I'm sure it's a lot of fun during the school year.  I'd also love to see Rhode Island in the fall when all the leaves are changing.
(Some buildings around campus)
(I love old, elegant buildings!)
Downtown Providence was a lot smaller than downtown in most cities I've visited, but it still had some cute art displays.  These tiles had artwork showing equality, world peace and honoring victims of 9/11.  I wish I had time to read every one of them.
(My favorite wall)
We were staying inland, so I drove to Newport on Monday to check out the coast.  I walked Cliff Walk, which is an area off the ocean where the biggest mansions are lined up along the coast.  I also did “Ocean Drive” AKA “Ten Mile Drive” AKA humungous mansion after mansion for ten miles!  Apparently New Yorkers started building these huge summer homes, then other city-livers followed suit until each family was building bigger and bigger mansions.

(This was an average house, not even part of Ten Mile Drive)
(My view for most of Cliff Walk)
(Mansion along the coast)
("The Breakers")
(How cool would it be to host brunch or have a little party in that gazebo on the water??)

(Love locks were all along the fences here)

(Part of Ocean Drive - the house on the left is the one I want!)
If you’re ever in Rhode Island, you NEED to check this out!  Even after living in California and driving around Hollywood and Malibu, I’ve never seen any place with so many huge houses.
I stopped at Brenton Point State Park along the way and took some pictures, then headed to the wharf for a breathtaking sunset.
  (View from Brenton Point State Park complete with sailboat on the horizon) 
  (My friends are always posting beautiful west coast sunsets, but this reminded me that the east coast has amazing sunsets, too.)
I even brought back some local Rhode Island wine and cider!

(I already tried the cider and it's pretty great!)
I'd love to check out more of the northeast.  It was a five hour drive from Philly, so next time I'll need to spend more time there.  This is what traffic looked like on the other side of the New Jersey turnpike on my way home:
(So lucky I was going the opposite direction!)
Sidenote - one of my ultimate life goals is to have a fitness closet like Khloe Kardashian’s.  Case in point:

(A girl can dream...) 
Last night, I dropped the tank tops off at the screen printers, but here’s a little preview of me wearing a “before” screen printed shirt.

(This will have writing on it next time you see it!!!)
Other good news…the tomatoes are growing!  Finally!
I did get to pick some lettuce and kale from our garden yesterday, though.
 (All from our home garden)
I ended my night with homemade mushroom flatbread.  I used ricotta cheese and cipollini onions from Liz’s CSA share, along with Syrian bread and marinara sauce and frozen mushrooms from Trader Joe’s.  Simple and delicious!
Our parents went to Sturgis motorcycle rally this week and I have to share this picture of our dad in front of the buffalo.  He always talks about getting buffalo and his happiness around them shows in picture:

(Check out that beard :P - our dad always has a mustache but probably hasn't had a beard since our parents got married.)
I love our parents!  They're the best!
Anyway, that's all for now.  I'm doing some extreme makeover work on the Run Life Co. website and social media this week.  I've already linked the Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages, so creating the Facebook page is next!  Look out for that!
Hope everyone's staying cool through these crazy heat waves!  Stay hydrated if you're out there running!

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