Meet "The Nice Girls Club"

Jessica Wagner

Working with strong women has been important to me for a long time.  I always had great female teachers, mentors and bosses who showed me that as women, we can do anything that men can do, and often have insights that guys don’t see.  Now that I work with middle schoolers who can be subject to self and peer criticism in a vulnerable state, having strong female (and male, too) role models around is even more important to me.  Kids and teenagers should know that they have control over their minds, bodies, and life.

Enter “The Nice Girls Club”.

Let me tell you a little bit about the ladies in front of and behind the camera from our Run Life Co. photo shoot...

I wanted the Run Life Co. models to be ladies that I admire and who demonstrate a strong, empowering attitude.  I have a lot of female friends like this, but two girls really stuck out to me - Kelly and Megan.  Why?  As long as I’ve known Kelly and Megan, they have been the nicest, most caring and polite people I’ve ever met - and I mean genuinely NICE.  They're also determined, strong-willed, athletic girls who work their butts off to reach their goals and display confidence in everything they do.  That's why I chose them to be the faces of Run Life Co.  P.S. Did I mention that they’re sisters??

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kelly and Megan since we were kids on swim team.  We grew up together as swimmers and as best friends.  I remember countless days swimming in each other’s pools during the summer and playing over a dozen games of “spit” at meets (I know I have pictures of us on swim team somewhere at my parents’ house, so I’ll have to find those).  The wonderful thing about these two…they’re just as adorable and charming in person as they are in pictures!  As I mentioned above, these are two of the nicest, most intelligent, athletic girls I know.  Their relationship as sisters and best friends is also quite admirable.

Kelly is now a nurse - the most fitting career I could ever imagine for her.  She talks about her job and career with such passion that it makes you want to be a nurse, too.  If you haven’t seen Miss Colorado’s monologue on being a nurse from the Miss America pageant, you should check it out here. 

Nurses are true heroes and Kelly is that in many forms - a girl who can literally save your life, a great listener who will never repeat your secrets, a smiling face who can cheer you up on even the worst days, a counselor with the best advice, and a vigilant older sister who won’t leave the bus station until she’s double and triple-checked that her sister got on the right bus back to New York. ;)

I love her for all these reasons and that is why I asked her to model for Run Life Co. (in addition to her beauty, grace and athleticism).

Megan is currently a college swimmer at Fordham who is breaking records and earning recognition left and right.

Since starting at Fordham, she has been the Atlantic 10’s Swimming & Diving Performer of the Week TWICE, broke THREE school records, and broke an Atlantic 10 record!  And that’s only after two years of college!  Outside of that, Megan is studying Business Administration (cheers to that!! - I was a business major in college) and excels in school.

Like her sister, Megan is a sweetheart and made an amazing model for our photo shoot.  I hesitated to ask her to come all the way from New York for a one-day photo shoot, but Kelly managed to convince her for me, and I’m so thankful she did!  She was a natural, and I see much more modeling in her future.

The next lady who has been inducted into this club is Miss Addie George of Addison George Photography.  I’ve known Addie since middle school and she has always been a ray of sunshine and laughter.  Addie is selfless and is constantly taking pictures for friends, family, and even people she hasn’t seen in years (me).  Not only is she one of the most selfless people I know, but she’s also one of the most hard-working and talented people I’ve ever met.  Her photographs capture the environment from her shots as if you are there watching it happen.

Saying I’m obsessed with the Run Life Co. pictures would be an understatement.  Addie did such a wonderful job on the photo shoot.  She gave great directions, including “Make your sister laugh”, and had the models do a variety of poses all while keeping the atmosphere upbeat and fun.  If you ever meet Addie, check out her tattoo on her pointer finger that says “smile”.  You can see it when she’s taking a picture of you - how cute is that??  I'd HIGHLY recommend her if you need any kind of pictures taken - fashion photo shoots, graduation or family portraits, pregnancy, engagement, and wedding photos, or for any other type of shoot.  Even if you don't need pictures taken anytime soon, check out her website just to enjoy the beauty of her photos:  Addison George Photography.

Working with this team was a dream.  All three ladies manipulated their schedules to come to Philly on a Sunday and offer their services for the sake of Run Life Co.  We spent an entire day shooting without any breaks, food or complaints.  Addie gave direct, clear instructions for each setup, and Kelly and Megan naturally fell into the poses that were requested.

I’m deeming this team as “The Nice Girls Club” for several reasons.

  1. They really are some of the nicest girls on the planet.
  2. Being nice is something that isn’t valued enough, and I feel like the older I get, the harder it is to find genuinely nice people.  It’s such an important attribute that’s way undervalued in my opinion.  I’m emphasizing the importance of being nice if you want to be part of the Run Life Co. community.  Remember the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.”
  3. Nice girls who are also strong-willed and confident are rare and make great role models.  Being a female boss and entrepreneur while still being polite feels like a struggle sometimes.  How do I be stern and still be kind and polite?  I think a lot of women struggle with this, but once you figure it out, great things will come of it.  Addie, Kelly, and Megan are all ladies that exemplify this balance, and that is why they are part of this club.

Want to be part of “The Nice Girls Club”??

  1. Be a nice person and great role model for girls and women
  2. Be an active community member and get involved in your local community through volunteering or helping others
  3. Email me with your story and about what makes you a great model to be featured on our blog!

Everyone has their own strengths.  Let me know what they are and how you can help Run Life Co.  I’m always looking for new faces and fresh ideas to contribute to the company.  I’d love for you to be part of the team, so feel free to contact me via social media, phone call, or by email at  Disclaimer:  This is not a job posting, but rather a chance to be featured on the blog!

I hope you enjoyed hearing Kelly, Megan, and Addie’s stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!  If you’d like to hear more about them, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see what I can do! :)

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