Happy Saturday!

Jessica Wagner

Have you seen the new Run Life Co. marketing flyers?

Look for them around Philly in your favorite gyms, cafes and other locations.  There’s a special offer on the back if you can find one! ;)

There’s also a Run Life Co. ad in Grid magazine this month - you can find it at most cafes around Philly.  Grid is a magazine about sustainability in Philly and is probably my most favorite magazine ever, but I’ll be honest - the Run Life Co. ad looks pretty bad.  Don’t judge us based on that ad if you see it - I’ll be redesigning it for future use!!

(Thank you Instagram filters)

Along with the new marketing materials, I’ve started doing pop-up shops in gyms around South Philly.

(At Fitness Works Philadelphia last Tuesday - love this gym!)

Speaking of gyms, Run Life Co. will be partnering with Women’s Fitness Solutions near Passyunk and Wharton (very close to Pat’s and Geno’s Cheesesteaks and my favorite bar - Garage) on some future events! They're having an open house TODAY (Saturday) where you can check out the facility, talk to trainers, grab refreshments, AND check out Run Life Co. shirts in person!  The shirts will have a permanent home there in the future, but more on that, and more on Women’s Fitness Solutions in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, stop by the open house if you have a few minutes today, or stop by anytime you’re in South Philly!  They offer a bunch of awesome classes including barre, kickboxing, and Krav Maga.  Big things will be happening with this place, so stay tuned!


In other news, it’s Temple’s homecoming today, so GO OWLS!!  I’m at home for the weekend for several reasons, but I’m there in spirit.  Remember Temple Owls, you can get your cherry and white Run Life Co. tank tops here!

(This tank was a big hit at the Temple vs. Penn State game when we BEAT Penn State - I will never let that down)

One of the reasons I came home this weekend was to see Smokey Robinson perform in Bethlehem with my mom and sister.  There’s a special place in my heart for Motown music and Smokey did not disappoint.  I probably knew half of his songs, including a few songs by The Temptations that he wrote, but it was a fun concert.  Now if I can only get my hands on tickets for The Temptations…let me know if you happen to have an extra ticket for them! ;)

(His voice is still pretty darn good!)

My friend from college, Luv, is coming to help my sister on the farm today.  He just got back from a trip to India, so we’ll be planting shallots while he tells us all about the trip!  Luv is super smart, so I always love hearing about his ventures and what he’s up to - maybe I can get him to write a guest blog post and fill you in sometime.  Sidenote about Luv:  He was a professional tennis player before college (and before I knew him)!  I literally tell everyone this, and it probably drives him nuts, but I don’t know any other current or past professional athletes so it’s kind of a big deal to me.

(Picture from last time Luv came to visit the farm - here’s the aforementioned cherry and white tank in action)

Other updates…

Had dinner at Bing Bing Dim Sum this week with some girlfriends.  The food was amazing and we loved every second of it.  I’d highly recommend it!  Also, Passyunk is poppin’ on Wednesday nights - love that Mel and I accidentally moved into an area with awesome bars and restaurants!

We’ve been running to new places at practice this week and the kids are loving it despite their unphased faces of me taking their picture.

Discovered these dried white peaches at Trader Joe’s and I’m obsessed:

 We had a boom in sales this week thanks to the flyers, gym appearances, and of course, the marketing based around the new Run Life Co. models (check out Addie’s blog post about the shoot along with more photos here).  So THANK YOU ALL for supporting the company and for being part of the Run Life Co. community.  Every day presents new opportunities for business, but nothing is guaranteed, so I’m going to keep working 24/7 to bring the customers the best possible product and accumulate as many funds as possible for Students Run Philly Style.  Your support is so helpful and much needed in this effort!

Good luck to all the Chicago and Long Beach marathoners this weekend!  I have friends doing both, so I’ll be virtually cheering you all on - you got this!

And to everyone else, enjoy your weekend!  Weather should be beautiful in Allentown and in Philly, so do some fun fall activities.  My mom and I already have a pumpkin-and-fall-filled weekend lined up!  

Fall cheers!!

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