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Jessica Wagner

I’m starting to think I should just turn this into a food blog…

(The very fall CSA share from Crooked Row Farm this week.)

Obsessed with this little vegetable.  They’re called Mexican sour gherkins and are of the cucumber family.  If you’re a parent and your kids like cucumbers, you HAVE to get these as a snack - healthiest and most delicious snack ever.  Or you can always get them for yourself! ;)

My Crooked Row Farm salad:

(Isn’t it pretty?)

Saw this and agree:

Did some home office decorating this week:

Fall is all around us...

(Street in Philly - love these trees!)

The reason Mel and I can’t get a cat right now…cat hair:

(Throwback with my high school cross country sweatshirt - really missing cross country right now with this weather.)

Hung out with my puppies (actually my parents’ pups) for a large portion of yesterday.  They’re just so photogenic:

Seriously, fall is everywhere and everything right now.  I definitely didn’t appreciate all the fall traditions and the leaves changing until I moved away from the east coast for a few years.  Now I’m obsessed with the rest of the country:

(From the Run Life Co. Instagram)

(My mom’s pretty flowers)

The best part about my parents’ house is the sunrise over the mountain.  Here’s what this morning looked like for me:

Two other things…

Don’t forget to check out Women’s Fitness Solutions and their new Krav Maga classes!  Hear more about them in my post from Thursday here.  Find their website here.

And enter our giveaway contest on Instagram!  It’s super easy, so check it out here (runners with US shipping addresses only).

Enjoy your weekend! :)


What are your plans for this weekend?

Are you running any races?

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