Butternut squash, puppies, and pizza

Butternut squash, puppies, and pizza

My biggest mistake in life so far has been not eating enough butternut squash… 

 (I believe it’s one of those super healthy foods for runners like sweet potatoes…I’m going to think that anyway!)

Butternut squash soup has been one of my favorites for years, but I never tried roasting the squash myself.  Thank GOD it was in our CSA share this week.  My life has been changed forever.  I suggest you eat more of it, too.

(And I always roast the seeds no matter what squash I’m cooking. They’re a great snack!)

Other food this week:

(Edamame - I always forget about this healthy snack until I run out of food and find it in my freezer.)

(Homemade pumpkin pie from my mom sent to Philly with our CSA share.  She really is best!)

(Pizza from Lorenzo’s in the Italian market - ‘nuff said)

(Pipcorn as seen on Shark Tank - find the closest store that carries it and go buy the truffle kind.  I love anything truffle flavored, but this is great.  It’s mini popcorn that’s supposed to be easier on your stomach.  It’s available at Essene Market in South Philly.)

(I also hit the Yogi tea jackpot there.)

In case you’re dog deprived like I am in Philly, here are some pictures of adorable dogs from Doggie Style at South & 21st.

(These were from Tuesday.)

Jon and I stopped there on Thursday and the first two dogs were already gone, so hopefully they found good homes.

(She was there on Thursday in case you’re looking to adopt. ;)

And since it’s been about a year since my parents adopted Arya, here’s a throwback of her as a little teeny-tiny puppy:

(Wasn’t she the cutest?? She still is, too, with her little heart nose.)

(She liked to steal anything and everything to chew on, especially my running shoes.)

And two more dog pictures for good measure: 

(These are Jon’s pups - Desi & Duke - both adopted from Doggie Style!)

 (Imagine Duke roaring like a dinosaur in this picture...that's far from the truth.) 

I’ve been doing some decorating around our house.  I’m trying to make it feel more homey before winter hits us! 

Did some more gym selling this past week at Club Metro on Oregon in South Philly.  If you like upbeat, fun environments when you’re working out, this is the place to be.

(They even have a DJ there on Monday nights.)

The gym has tons of machines and weights and even this strange contraption:

(Apparently a lot of people use it for Crossfit things??  It was pretty cool, though.) 

As you may have seen in my last post about travel, Jon and I had a biking adventure around the Art Museum and the river trail on Thursday:

(Finally made it to the AMOR sign) 

One more flashback...Halloween last year!  I borrowed the costume so I could be a feline for the first time ever.

(Have you ever had pumpkin roll?  I’m amazed by how many people don’t know what it is…if you’ve never had it, then look up a recipe RIGHT NOW and make it.  You’ll thank me, I promise.) 

Best costume of 2015 goes to my roommate, Mel, for being pizza:

(Greatest costume ever??) 

And here’s the costume I’ll be wearing today!  Can you tell what it is??  I’ll give you a hint…go Temple!!! 

Good luck to all the runners out there this weekend doing the Philly Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon and the NYC Marathon!

P.S. I’m playing around with different comment applications for a better, more interactive commenting experience.  I’m looking for something that doesn’t require logging in to comment, doesn’t have upvoting/downvoting (I really don’t like that feature for some reason), allows commenters to link to their own blogs/websites, and and most importantly, allows threaded conversations.  It also needs to be compatible with Shopify.  Have any suggestions?

P.P.S. If you’re looking for a little adventure getaway, see my travel blog post from yesterday.


What’s your favorite orange vegetable? 

Have plans for Halloween tonight?  What’s your costume?

Doing any races this weekend?  Are you dressing up for it??

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