Happy November, friends!

Can you believe that it’s already November?  I need to do some serious work on the spring clothing line so it’s ready for all the wonderful 2016 races ahead!

I haven’t done much race planning for 2016, but here’s my schedule so far…

Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon - April 10
Broad Street Run - May 1
Philadelphia Sprint Triathlon - June 25

And hopefully many more!  What are you running in 2016?

I have some exciting news to share about Run Life Co.  We’ve had our first request to sell in stores!  I’m still working out details and this won’t happen until the spring, but we may be seeing Run Life Co. apparel in stores sooner than we thought.  Exciting stuff!

Speaking of stores…are there any items that no matter how much you don’t need them you always end up buying more?  Blankets are that thing for me.  I can have dozens of blankets (which I do) and still end up buying one whenever I like one at the store.

Example A:

(Yup, I still keep stuffed animals on my bed.)

I purchased this beige/brown bear patterned blanket yesterday at HomeGoods.  Did I need it?  Absolutely not.  Did I want it?  Yes, yes, yes.  Did it match my winter quilt perfectly?  So much.  And why can I not forget about something once I have my mind set on it?  I wish I knew…I guess that applies to all aspects of my life, not just running.  Another day, another blanket.

Mel started off November right with this breakfast treat.  Alongside the eggs, she sautéed onions, sweet potatoes, and kale with olive oil and cumin.  If you like spicy things, you should try this!  It was delicious!

(I love our house, but I wish we had better lighting in the kitchen for food picture taking.  This was a work of art.)

If you’re a Temple fan or a college football fan, you’ve heard about Temple’s first loss this year to Notre Dame.  While I’m sad that we lost, every person who saw it will say that it was a great game.  I watched the game at Xfinity Live with my friend Erin and we were full of anxiety on every play.  I’m not into watching sports (besides running ;), except when it comes to Temple football.  I love watching their games!  This has been an awesome year for Temple overall, both in sports and academics.  I’ve never been prouder to be an owl (literally an owl on Saturday night, see below).  If you’re looking at colleges now or thinking about going back to school, consider going to Temple.  The single best decision I’ve ever made was deciding to become a Temple owl.

(Allie's makeup was great!  My makeup only lasted about 5 minutes, but the wings and ears held up pretty well.  I was mistaken as a cat about 10 times - I think it was the ears, but once Temple fans realized I was an owl, they loved the costume.)

(This was right after a Temple touchdown - we were pretty darn excited.)

Back when I visited California in July, my friend and I made a list of goals with a four-month deadline.  That deadline is November 19th.  We’ve been keeping each other accountable with our goals.  She's been doing great with her goals, but I still have some work to do before then.  FYI, this is a great activity that my friend came up with.  If you have some goals you want to accomplish in the near future, try doing this with a reliable friend.  It really helps to have someone else keeping you accountable!  Here’s my list:

 (Written on the back of a random receipts I had in my purse.)

This was before the Run Life Co. shirts were available for sale hence goal #1.  Numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 (depends on my definition of "clean" at the time) are all in the works, but numbers 3 and 6 haven’t been accomplished - really need to get on that…

If you’re looking for a November goal, try doing a 30 day yoga challenge.  I’m going to try this one posted from @laurasykora.


Last thing - I have a CALL TO ACTION!  I’m looking for funny running jokes - either original jokes or with credit to the author - for a compilation video.  If you have any good jokes, please share them!  Like I said earlier in this post, once I get my mind set on something, there’s no stopping me.  I NEED to make this video.  Let me know!

What are your goals for November?

Do you have any races planned for 2016 already?  Which ones?

What’s that item that you’re always buying?

Know any funny running jokes?  If not about running, how about other funny jokes?

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