Kenzie: Ultrarunner, Coach, Wife & Mother of Three

Kenzie: Ultrarunner, Coach, Wife & Mother of Three

Jessica Wagner

I’ll be honest, I get pretty emotional over inspirational stuff, especially inspirational people.  My biggest sports inspirations?  Ultrarunners.

I know how it feels to cross the finish line of a marathon - elated, exhausted, ready to sit down for days, but at the same time like you just conquered the world.  I can’t IMAGINE how it feels to run an ultramarathon.  It must be everything you feel in a marathon times ten!  An ultramarathon, by definition, is any race over the normal marathon distance of 26.2 miles.  There are races of 50 miles, 100 miles, 500 miles, and even more.  The longest I could find is this 3100 mile race held in Queens, New York (there you go, east coasters!).

Ever since I graduated high school and and read Born to Run, I’ve wanted to do ultramarathons.  I’m still conquering the marathon distance right now, but I’ll get there one day…hopefully sooner than later!  In the meantime, I’ll just keep reading about them online. ;)

I came across this ultrarunner on Instagram a few months back.  Besides admiring all her pictures (you really need to check out her IG @sarcasminspandex), I loved her sassiness and sense of adventure.  This is the kind of women I look up to and want to be like.  Not only is she an ultrarunner, but she’s also a coach, wife, and mother.  I talk about strong role models, especially strong female role models, and Kenzie is exactly that.  She speaks her mind, exudes confidence, lives an adventurous life, and is a kind person.

When I messaged her about Run Life Co., she was more than willing to help out.  She loves what Run Life Co. stands for and thinks we’re supporting a great cause.  Having the support of women like Kenzie makes me so, SO happy and shows me that I’m on the right track with Run Life Co. 

Kenzie opted for the Run Life Co. Signature tank (our best seller so far).  Her feedback on the top —> she loves it!  She thinks the fit is perfect and the style is cute.  She also took a bunch of awesome pictures in it for us!

Don’t they make you want to go exploring??

Like I said in my Instagram post a few days ago, my envy is strong for this lady!  She’s a truly inspirational athlete.

Check out her Instagram for fun entertainment and more inspiring pictures!

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Have you ever done an ultramarathon?  Which one?

If not, would you consider doing one?

Who’s your inspiration?

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