Philadelphia Adventures

Philadelphia Adventures

Jessica Wagner

Warning:  This post contains pictures of delicious food, which may make you hangry.  Hope you didn't think this was a running blog or anything. ;)

As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, I had a visitor this weekend!  You may remember Steffan from this post.  If you read the running post about Steffan, you’ll know that he is my ex-boyfriend from California.  We’re still good friends and he’s been a big help in starting Run Life Co.  He’s on business travel and was able to stop in Philadelphia for a few days before going to his next stop.

One of the reasons we’re still friends is thanks to our shared love of exploring (especially via bike) and eating good food so those two things took up a majority of the weekend.

It started with Mel making pancakes topped with cinnamon apples…I seriously wonder why/how she didn’t go to culinary school.

(Heaven is a place on Earth when you’re eating these.)

Then, Steffan and I headed off on our first bike adventure of the weekend.  We have a favorite cafe in Long Beach called Green House so we went to Green Street Cafe.

(I tried Matcha tea for my first time - not sure I’m a fan.  I think I’ll stick to my Yogi green tea blueberry slim life.)

A major issue that always pushed Steffan and I apart is our different tastes in hot beverages.  He’s a coffee guy and I’m a tea kind of girl. 

(It’s something that we’ll always resent about each other… ;)

Steffan chatted with the squirrels in Washington Square Park.

(He had five of them on their hind legs at one point.) 

We met up with my family at the Station Tap House in Doylestown.  If you live near Doylestown and haven’t tried this place, you need to go!  It’s located at the train station, has delicious food, and features a huge selection of beers on tap. 

My favorite appetizer is the Reuben egg roll.  I’ve never heard of this anywhere else and I’d come back solely for that.  The nachos and tator tots are also amazing.

(Order of the nachos - wish I could have these every night!)

My mom saw my post about pumpkin roll a few days ago and gave us an entire homemade roll along with black walnut angel food cake from my aunt.  Thanks, Mom and Susie!

(It tastes as good as it looks!)
(The ultimate sugar rush.)

On Sunday morning, we had a race with our students.  It was a flat 5k and they all did great!  A lot of the parents also came out to watch, which made it much more fun for everyone. 

Afterwards, Steffan and I checked out Kermit’s Bake Shoppe at 22nd and Washington.  I’ve been wanting to go here for a while and it didn’t disappoint.  Their pizza and hot pockets are to die for.  I plan on trying the confetti cake ice cream sandwich next time. 
(Steffan liked the sausage and pepper hot pocket, but it was super spicy, so I preferred the mushroom.)

We met Jon’s new mama cat and kitten: 

(This is Rory.  His mom’s name is Lorelai.)

And we ended our night with slow cooker Thai chicken soup homemade by Mel.  You can find the recipe here.  I highly recommend.  I’m still trying to get her to do a guest blog post about cooking.

(Steffan added Sriracha - I thought it was perfect as-is.)

 I also had days 7, 8, and 9 of the yoga challenge this week(end)…still struggling a bit!

(This one was TOUGH!  I could only hold it for a few seconds and couldn't extend my leg, but I did the best I could!)

Hope you had a great weekend/Monday!

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