Happy Philadelphia Marathon Week & A Video from Students Run

Happy Philadelphia Marathon Week & A Video from Students Run

This is the weekend we’ve all been waiting for!  The weekend of the Philadelphia Marathon!

I’ll be running the half marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday with my students.  This is what Students Run Philly Style trains for all year and we couldn’t be more excited about Sunday.  Here’s a quick video that Students Run released to give you a little more background on the program: 

Isn’t it inspiring?  I've probably watched this video ten times over the past two days.  I 100% agree with all the coaches' input.  It doesn't matter how tired we are as coaches; we can do anything with the students beside us.  As Jill says, they are our "power-ups."

Students may not recognize that they’re building important life skills (perseverance, self-discipline, goal-setting, leadership skills to name a few) right now by training for the marathon, but they’ll realize this down the road.  Read my post, “8 Things that High School Cross Country Taught Me,” and you’ll understand how long distance running will change these students’ lives.  Teachers at our school have shared that students have been doing better in classes and have better attitudes since joining Students Run.  That's PROOF that we're making a difference in the Philadelphia community.  

If you’re free on Sunday and want to get an early start, come cheer us on at the marathon.  I promise there’s nothing that will make you happier than watching a marathon - NOTHING!  Plus, it’s free to watch!  How often do you get to see professional athletes for free?

You can be extra supportive today by purchasing a Run Life Co. tank.  We donate 10% of our sales to Students Run.  Run Life Co.’s mission is to create a sustainable funding source for Students Run and similar programs through our apparel sales.  We are building a strong foundation for our youth and for Philly’s future.

Here's a picture of our Students Run team before the 10 Mile Broad Street Run last May in honor of Throwback Thursday:

Good luck to all the runners this weekend and thanks for your support!

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