Greetings from Costa Rica & Informative Friday

Greetings from Costa Rica & Informative Friday

First of all, greetings from our favorite farmer!  Farmer Liz is spending a portion of her winter working on a farm in sunny Costa Rica.  Like a good sister, she’s been sporting her Run Life Co. shirts throughout her ventures and sent this picture of the beautiful pineapple that she harvested.  Our Run Life Co. shirts are now international!

Sidebar:  My friend Luv actually gave a few Run Life Co. shirts to friends in India two months ago so that milestone was already passed, but it’s still awesome to see them making rounds!  To hear more about Farmer Liz’s adventures at the equator, check out her blog here.

(We miss her dearly and are all jealous of her gorgeous tan!)

As you may have seen advertised, City Fitness has been hosting a Women’s Rejuvenation Series.  I’ve really enjoyed the series so far.  Not only am I learning great tips from specialists in their industries, but I’ve met a community of strong women and fitness gurus.  If you live in Philly, especially South Philly, I HIGHLY recommend coming to the next seminar - “Healthy Eating on a Budget.”  It’s next Thursday at 7:30pm at City Fitness South Philly (12th & Wharton).  I’ll be there and plan on bringing Mel along so come hang out!  :)

In the meantime, I’m going to share what I’ve learned.  The first workshop was on work/life balance and was hosted by Melissa Alam, the founder a women’s co-working space in Center City called The Hive and Serena, lifestyle coach and founder of  They touched on list-making, separating personal life from work life (especially as business owners), and how to say no when necessary.  Here’s a quick summary of lessons I learned from both the hosts and the other women who attended:

  • Make two to-do lists - one for daily tasks and one with deadlines for tasks that are on the back burner.
  • Write everything down to free up space in your short-term memory and relinquish stress.
  • If you’re a freelancer, business owner, or just need more personal time, make a Terms & Conditions sheet listing your available hours to be contacted, your rates, turnaround time, and anything else you want spelled out before doing business.
  • Prioritize tasks by what will make you money/take care your needs to keep you moving forward.
  • Ask for help when needed!  This one gets an exclamation point since it’s so important and we all, especially you independent individuals out there, avoid this as much as possible.
  • If you miss a deadline, the world will not end.
  • Make your bed first thing in the morning to set a good tone for the day.
  • Keep a clean office or workspace so you can focus on your work.
  • Reserve time for meditation in the morning BEFORE looking at your phone or social media.  For me, this means going for a run and taking a shower before anything else.
  • Listen to positive and inspiring podcasts on long commutes or during workouts.  You can start with Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday (although this isn't a podcast).
  • Say "no" to invitations when you're overwhelmed and need a break, especially if the event isn’t going to contribute to your goals or well-being.

Even after a week, these tips have been helping me TREMENDOUSLY.  I feel more organized, more productive, and more at peace with my life.  Hopefully, they’ll help you, too!

(Wonderful group of ladies from last week)

The second workshop was on running hygiene, which turned into a conversation about running form and proper running shoes.  Charles Scogna, founder and owner of CHARGE Performance and Wellness talked about how sitting at a desk can manipulate our bodies from our natural form.  He trains clients to have natural posture again through various exercises.  Suzanne Allaire, co-founder of November Project Philadelphia, talked about proper running shoes.  FYI - November Project is a FREE fitness training group that meets at 6:25 AM EVERY Wednesday and Friday of the year at the Philadelphia Art Museum steps.  They train rain, shine, or snow, even on holidays (Christmas and New Year’s Day included).  Many cities have a November Project training group so even if you don’t live in Philly, look them up!  For Philly updates, follow them on Twitter.

(The training group varies from 100-300 participants EACH practice!)

Suzanne introduced me to a Swiss running shoe company called On Inc.  The shoes are super light and are engineered to provide a cushioned landing with a barefoot-like takeoff.  They're only available in limited US stores and Philadelphia Runner happens to be one of those stores.  Philly Runner is having a 25% off storewide sale today through Sunday so if you need new running gear, now is the time to get it!  Since I’m all about trying new things, I’ll be stopping in to get the On shoes!

We have three classes left in the Women’s Rejuvenation Series:

- Healthy Eating on a Budget: December 17, 7:30pm
- Green Juices and How They Help: January 7, 7:30pm
- How to Sleep Better: January 14, 7:30pm

If you’d like to join us next Thursday or at any of the other seminars, sign up here!

My fitness adventures this week took me back to my favorite Philly mural at 22nd & Ellsworth.  This mural will 100% brighten up your day.  Special shoutout to Jen for introducing me to this mural back in college.  Also, 60 degrees and sunny in Philadelphia means it's still tank top weather!

(My favorite shirt at my favorite mural in my favorite city ;)

Lastly, our Run Life Co. holiday GIVEAWAY contest is taking place on Instagram!

The rules are simple:

1. Follow @runlifeco on Instagram
2. Tag three friends in the comments of the giveaway photo
3. For extra entries, tag @runlifeco in your running and workout photos this week

Contest ends on Sunday at midnight PST and is only open to US shipping addresses.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

- - - 

What are you weekend plans?

Have you ever been to a November Project workout?

Do you make daily to-do lists?

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