Juice Cleanse Review

Juice Cleanse Review

Jessica Wagner

Last week, I decided to try a one-day juice cleanse.  Rather than buying pre-made juices, I made my own.  My “juices” were actually smoothies but I thought that’d be a good transition from never juicing to trying it for my first time. 

Why did I decide to do the cleanse?

I went to a Sip-n-Glo presentation the prior week and although I’ve been anti-juicing in the past, a few benefits caught my attention.  Number one benefit:  better sleep.  I have ridiculous insomnia sometimes and am constantly looking for solutions.  I figured, “Why not?”  Secondly, my stomach hadn’t felt well since New Year’s Eve.  Cleansing sounded like it could help with that.

What differences did I notice?

Within the first few hours of the day, I felt pretty hungry.  I kept getting those urges to leave my desk and go grab something to eat.  I never realized how impulsive the decision to eat can be, especially while working from home.  Around 10:30 AM, I started to get a little lightheaded and super hungry so I pulled out the second juice.  I felt satisfied right away.  Around this time, I also felt some mental clarity.  There was a tiny bit of pressure in the back of my head, but it wasn’t a hunger headache.  Note that I did have some green tea (Sip-n-Glo recommends not drinking caffeine if possible) between my first and second juice for an extra kick.

I opened a new juice every 2-3 hours.  It was easy to drink them slowly since they were filling and I was also drinking other liquids.  Having something to constantly drink kept me from feeling hungry, too.

This was my favorite…I could drink this all day every day: 

For the rest of the day, I felt very focused.  To be honest, I could have been trying to keep my mind off of food, which caused me to stay more focused on my tasks, OR the juices were actually giving me more mental energy.  Another great thing about this…I slept AMAZINGLY.  The second my head hit the pillow, I was out and I stayed asleep without tossing and turning for the next eight hours. 

Would I do this again?

I definitely plan on trying this again in the future - maybe I’ll even buy the package from Sip-n-Glo instead of making my own.


  • Feeling of mental clarity
  • More time to focus on work since the juices were already prepared
  • Stomach felt great!
  • AMAZING sleep that night


  • You shouldn’t do any hard exercise on the day of your cleanse.
  • It takes self-discipline to avoid eating for a day.
  • You need to prepare for a few days by eating cleaner and be easy on your stomach following the cleanse.
  • It can be an expensive endeavor if you buy a cleanse or even when making your own with fresh produce.

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Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?

Did you notice any benefits from it?

Did you buy juices or make your own?

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