Shark Tank Tuesday

Shark Tank Tuesday

Jessica Wagner

Have you ever seen Shark Tank? Are you obsessed with it like I am?!  When I tell someone about my startup business, nine times out of ten, I hear, “You should go on Shark Tank!” Trust me, I would LOVE to go on Shark Tank. It’s literally the only show that I watch on a regular basis, I have a huge crush on Mark Cuban, and I can justify watching it over doing work since it’s “educational.” ;) But as I’ve learned from watching their show, my business is a little too new for any multi-million dollar investments.

Shark Tank

So in the meantime, I’m just going to be a shark (actually)! One of my favorite professors from college needed “sharks” as “investors” for her Entrepreneurial Marketing class presentations so that’s where I’ll be today - testing out the waters as a shark.

To give you a little background, the Entrepreneurial Marketing course allows 10 groups of students to take $10 and multiply that by 10 before the end of the semester. FYI - it’s called the 10-10-10 Project. Where does the money go? To a charity or nonprofit of each group’s choice. How do they do that? Students market their organization of choice through whatever creative ways they can.

Our group raised money for an organization in India called Freeset that employs former victims of prostitution to work as seamstresses in factories, making items that are sold all over the world. Through fair wage factory employment, women are able to make money with dignity and support their households. You can learn more about Freeset and purchase their products here.

This was by far my favorite course in college and I’m sure 99% of students who take this course agree. I learned how to be creative with our marketing and fundraising projects and had a lot of fun. Our group raised over $500 by using our $10 to purchase crepe supplies, selling those crepes, using a portion of that money to buy party supplies, and throwing a party to raise additional funds, along with letter writing and social media marketing for online donations.

This project was also a basis for Run Life Co.’s mission - raising money to support a nonprofit organization. Dr. Wilcox has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I’ll never forget some of her advice. One point being…there are many nonprofits and charities already out there working to make the world a better place, so rather than starting another organization, we should combine resources, work together, and raise even more money for a great cause.

Fun fact: Dr. Wilcox was also the first person to introduce me to the show Shark Tank.

In other news, I was home this weekend to see my family. My parents’ house always has a plethora of vegetables, which leads to the best salads…

Liz and I ran together on Saturday. She said the last time she ran with someone was last year at Broad Street Run.

(Sisters who run together kick butt together.)

(Shoutout to Students Run Philly Style for the awesome running jacket!!)

There is still a ton of snow on the ground at our parents' house. I always get the best exercising playing with the puppies there, snow or no snow. 

And Arya helps me with the Run Life Co. finances…

You may have seen this picture on my Instagram. I’m participating in City Fitness’ #MyCityMoves challenge during the month of March. You can sign up for the challenge and purchase a heart rate monitor here. I have to say the MYZONE belt is pretty darn cool. 

That’s all for today, folks! Have a great Tuesday and stay dry in the rain!

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Are you a fan of Shark Tank?

When was your last run?

Are you participating in the #MyCityMoves challenge?

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