But First Tank

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As runners, we know that nothing - not your alarm clock, not coffee, not a cold shower - wakes us up in the morning better than a good run.  Share your love of running with the world in our "But first, a run" tank top.  If others learn to put running first like we do, our communities will have brighter, healthier futures.

  • Manufactured and screen printed in the US, specifically in Pennsylvania, to support our local economy
  • Made from 100% ChitoSanté polyester
    • Moisture-wicking for comfort while running and working out
    • Anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties to keep you fresh
    • Environmentally friendly (certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency) in respect to our planet
  • Form-fitted for less drag when breaking records (see our Sizing Chart for specific details)

10% of all sales are donated to youth mentoring program Students Run Philly Style.

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