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It's our favorite hashtag on the Internet: #run.  Not only are you trendy in the "#run" tank, but you're representing the bigger picture of running.  Millions of runners are brought together to share their PRs, their victories, their losses, their tears (of joy or otherwise), their running memories, all thanks to these four little characters.

And the best part?  We're starting to see #run pop up on Instagram pictures and Facebook posts from the most unlikely candidates - friends who swore off running years ago, our teachers from high school getting back into shape, our own parents proving that they've still got it!  It's not just Internet slang, it's a movement.  This tank is our favorite top so far and it represents those great running conversations being started all over the world.  Get your "#run" tank today and join the movement.

  • Manufactured and screen printed in the US, specifically in Pennsylvania, to support our local economy
  • Made from 100% ChitoSanté polyester
    • Moisture-wicking for comfort while running and working out
    • Anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties to keep you fresh
    • Environmentally friendly (certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency) in respect to our planet
  • Form-fitted for less drag when breaking records (see our Sizing Chart for specific details)

10% of all sales are donated to youth mentoring program Students Run Philly Style.

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